Industrial Injection...

For HYUNDAI, the primary objective has always been continuously improving the benefit to our customer. From the complete integration of peripherals to customised automation concepts and  generation of control unit, the optimised production cell has been the heart of our development activity.
Now it is time for us to carry that development forward. Even as the challenges of the future grow ever more complex, however, the solutions must remain simple. This is exactly where inject 4.0 comes into play, enabling us to guide our customers towards networked, self-optimising injection moulding production.

Process stability, productivity and availability together with maximum data security and flexibility remain the guiding principles of inject 4.0. 
HYUNDAI is a solid and reliable partner helping you pave the way towards your smart factory.

Smart Production

HYUNDAI’s smart production solutions link various elements of the production process and create transparency throughout the overall system so that you can utilise resources with maximum effectiveness while raising productivity.

Specially developed for injection moulding firms, the T.I.G. MES authentig clearly maps and controls your networked machinery. This allows you to maintain an overview of current production operations and improve capacity utilisation.

Smart Serive

smart service solutions are aimed at minimising planned, and especially unplanned, maintenance. Our predictive maintenance systems reliably identify wear and estimate the remaining service life of system components through continuous evaluation of machine data. This enables you systematically to predict previously unforeseeable breakdowns, account for these in your maintenance planning and thereby maximise the availability of your machinery.

If an unplanned downtime should still occur, fast and straightforward assistance is critical – and we provide it around the world and around the clock. Thanks to e-connect.24 remote online maintenance, our skilled service team can resolve many problems in a few clicks. Wherever you are, our world-wide service network is there for you, quickly restoring your systems to fullworking order.

Smart Machine

Smart machine stands for self-regulating HYUNDAI machines and robots that can identify the smallest deviations in production conditions. Intelligent assistance systems can determine, recommend and automatically set the ideal production parameters, as production operations continue. As a result, machine operators can expect maximum support, even in highly complex production processes.

Smart machine solutions from HYUNDAI enable you to utilise the full potential of your machine at all times. You benefit from reproducible quality and significantly fewer rejects while reducing energy consumption.